Monday, 6 May 2013

Report to UHSU Student Ideas Forum (NUS National Conference)

Below is my report to the Student Ideas Forum at Hertfordshire as I was a delegate to NUS National Conference 2013 from UHSU. If you're a Hertfordshire student, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


This was my fourth NUS National Conference as a delegate, but my first as a delegate from Hertfordshire. There have been many changes since my first national conference in Blackpool in 2008, not least of which was the magnificent venue of Sheffield City Hall hosting the conference for the second year in succession.

I am pleased to report I was on conference floor for all the policy debate, except for a half hour period on the first day when checking into the accommodation. Also, I cast a vote in every election that I was eligible to do so (as a Higher Education delegate).

Policy debate was lively and often heated and I even spoke against a motion that opposed the existence of trustee boards – the motion fell.

In order that you can hold me fully accountable here is how I voted on some of the major motions during the conference;

Motion 701: This motion attempted to introduce “gender balancing” to national conference delegations as well as introducing a guaranteed women’s place (either the VP or NEC place) for each zone on the National Executive Council. I voted to remove gender balancing conference delegations from the motion which was removed by conference, and voted for the women’s reserved place on for each zone on the NEC, but this motion was voted down by conference as a whole.

Motion 101: This motion was about NUS’s priority campaign for the next year. The campaign will be promoting a new vision for the future of tertiary education – NUS policy tends to deal with the here and now rather than setting out its own vision, this motion aimed to set out a vision that “takes a holistic view of induction into codes of knowledge and skill” and “imagines a rebalancing of educational goods towards public value” amongst other aims. I voted for this motion and the motion was passed by conference.

Motion 311: This motion seeked to improve the National Student Survey as it is due for review soon. There was also an amendment to this motion that called to boycott the NSS. I voted against the amendment which fell, and for the main motion which passed.

Motion 513 that was submitted by Hertfordshire was remitted to the Disabled Students’ Committee and not debated at conference.

If you want to know how I voted on any of the other motions, or if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the details below.