Tuesday, 8 January 2013

NUS Elections: Who's Standing? 2013 Edition

So with the runaway success of previous candidate lists for the President and Vice Presidents of NUS. Here's my 2013 version of the same. The positions will be elected at the NUS National Conference to be held in Sheffield.

This year sees my return to conference as a delegate from the University of Hertfordshire. So I'll actually be voting on these candidates in April.

My usual caveats apply - this is partly guesswork, candidates might choose not to stand or withdraw at a later date. Close of nominations is 12 noon on Friday 25 January.

As in previous years, please tell me the names of those who you know to be running in the comments or on twitter or facebook (see right). I'll update the list when required.

OK, here goes;

Toni Pearce (currently VP Further Education)
Vicki Baars (currently VP Union Development)
Peter Smallwood (Brunel)

Vice President (Higher Education)
Rachel Wenstone (incumbent)
Jamie Woodcock (currently NEC "Block of 15")

Vice President (Further Education)
Joe Vinson (Cornwall College / FE Zone Ctte / NEC)
Roshni Joshi (currently NEC "Block of 15")
Matt Stanley (Mid Kent)

Vice President (Union Development)
Raechel Mattey (currently NUS Wales Deputy President)
James McAsh (Edinburgh)

Vice President (Society & Citizenship)
Dom Anderson (Derby)
Shereen Prasad (City & Islington College)

Vice President (Welfare)
Al Hussein Abutaleb (Sheffield)
Colum McGuire (Kent)
Rosie Huzzard (Sheffield College)


Last update: 12:30, 25 January 2013