Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I'm a Loser

Last month I saw the West End production of Loserville at the Garrick Theatre. It was a production I hadn't seen much about, but I didn't feel like going to see one of the numerous Jukebox musicals, and I'd already been to a number of the smash hits such as Cabaret (plus I couldn't get those tickets for a decent price). I fell upon Loserville by accident, but what a happy accident!

The show has a great young cast who put on a great show. The story isn't exactly taxing on the brain (although the jokes about the Internet may stump those who didn't do Computing at university, unlike me) but the rocking songs really fit the story well, and you will find yourself humming the title song, Ticket Outta Loserville, when leaving the theatre.

It's a bit of Grease meets Big Bang Theory meets Glee meets a rock concert, but the mix makes a super show and you will be hooked in seconds!

The lead female role, Holly Manson, is played by the amazing (and super hot, especially in her geek costume) Eliza Hope Bennett. Luckily I was able to get her autograph at the stage door [pictured] even though I gave her not one, but two pens that didn't work! Many thanks Eliza!

Unfortunately Loserville must close on 5 January. It's such a shame that a great new musical such as this has to close in favour of jukebox show nonsense. I hope the show can be brought back, whether in the West End or otherwise, as I believe it has plenty of legs left in it.

Go and support the show if you can before it closes.