Thursday, 22 November 2012

Elected from Over 100 Miles Away

I'm such a dab hand at electioneering now, I can win an election without even being within 100 miles of the place electing me! I have been elected as a NUS Conference Delegate for the University of Hertfordshire Students' Union, as I'm currently studying at the university on a distance learning course.

The 148 mile trip to Hatfield from Keele wasn't something I was planning to take unless I had to, but luckily I had help at Herts in the form of the cheerleading club (one of whom I happen to be friends with) voting for me which was plenty enough to see me across the finishing line.

The upshot of all this is I will once again be a delegate to NUS National Conference in April 2013. Back after a break of three years! To my friends who might be standing for election, if you want any help from me just let me know (and I'll juggle as best I can if I get many requests) through the various means available (twitter, facebook, email).

See you in Sheffield!


PS: Two blogs in as many days. I'm on fire!