Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Companies Obsessed with iPhone Apps are Losing Out

As users of BlackBerry and Android phones are no doubt aware, companies are obsessed with writing (mostly pointless) apps for the iPhone, and forgetting there are other handsets on the market with millions of users, who are frustrated with those same companies not bothering to write an application for their phone!

In fact, the most widely used smartphone operating system is Android, and by a good margin, with iOS (iPhone) and RIM (BlackBerry) more or less neck and neck.

The difference with Android is, because it's an open operating system, it is available on multiple smartphones from multiple manufacturers. You probably don't realise that your friend has an Android phone because it's not distinctive like an iPhone; even they might not realise what OS they're using!

The thing is that many companies fall into the trap that if they produce an iPhone app, then they've covered a majority of the market share when in fact it's barley a fifth. They're losing out on two counts; users are unable to obtain an app for their phone and, because of this, users go to another company who are providing such an app.

Wake up world! iPhone is not the answer to everything.