Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Huge Swing Against the Lib Dems Amongst Students

YouGov have released some figures for voting intention amongst university students. They show some very interesting findings, and some very bad news for the Liberal Democrats!

Fieldwork for the poll finished on 19 November 2010, with topline voting intention figures of CON 26%, LAB 42%, LDEM 15%. This is in contrast to a YouGov poll of uni students just before the general election in May, with figures of CON 21%, LAB 24%, LDEM 45%.

This illustrates a huge loss of support for the Lib Dems in this cohort of people, perhaps even directly accounting for the collapse of their vote in general. It's also very noticeable that the majority of that support has gone to Labour, but the Conservatives have picked up 5% as well. Those of you with calculators will have noticed that Others will have gone up by around 7%.

The survey also asked other questions on university funding; 78% of students oppose the coalition’s plans on tuition fees, and 80% think the Lib Dems are wrong to go back on their pre-election pledge. Take note all those who think students aren't well represented by the NUS!

Also take note politicians who think the student vote doesn't matter. I think on this evidence that it certainly does!


UPDATE 5:35pm: Some people on twitter have asked me where the full results of this poll are. You can find them here.