Saturday, 3 May 2008

Boris Wins, Brown Loses

Boris Johnson has won the race to be Mayor of London with 1,168,738 total votes. Just under 140,000 more than that of the incumbent, Ken Livingstone.

But the real loser in the May Day polls was Gordon Brown. His Labour Party was beaten into third place in a projected national share of the vote, from the English and Welsh local elections. The Conservative Party picked up (a projected) 44% of the vote, 20 points ahead of the governing party.

It has been reported on the BBC, and elsewhere, that Brown was comparing himself to John Major, in Major's local election losses in 1991 and coming back to retain a majority in the 1992 general election. However these results look more like the 1995 local election results for Major, just two years before Labour took a landslide majority in Westminster.

There could be more embarrassment for Brown before the month is out, with the by-election for Crewe and Nantwich being held on 22 May. It is very possible for the Tories to win this seat as they require a swing of just 6%. We'll obviously have to wait and see what happens in the vote.